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The goodness of Sunflower Seeds can’t be described in one word. One of the major sources of polyunsaturated oil, these seeds has great demand in foreign markets. Sunflower Seeds are not only enriched with Vitamins and minerals but has Phytosterols which helps to fight against Cholesterol. Vinod Kumar Agro Exim Pvt. Ltd , Sunflower Seeds Exporters India exports high quality Sunflower Seeds to ensure high quality oil extraction to its clients. Sunflower Seeds India thus has taken grip over the foreign markets. Vinod Kumar Agro Exim Pvt. Ltd excels as the trust worthy Sunflower Seed Exporter and gives a neck to neck competition to the Sunflower Seed Exporters India. The company believes in exporting machine cleaned, shiny Sunflower Seeds India. As a true Sunflower Seed Exporter, the company earns name and fame to its Clients.

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